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Thu, 07/13/2023 - 06:30
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Police Prepare for Protest as Thai Parliament to Vote on New PM

BANGKOK, July 13 (TNA) – Police have mobilized two high-pressure water cannon trucks in the parliament compound in anticipation of the demonstrators who plan to gather there today as the parliament convenes to a joint sitting of the House of Representatives and senators to vote for the new prime minister.

The vote expected at 5 p.m. will determine whether the Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat can take power after his party won the most seats in the May 14 election.

Last night, police deployed two water trucks, two high-pressure water cannon trucks, and a sound amplifier truck on standby.  Officers secured metal panels together to form a barrier around the premises. They also placed 40 shipping containers to block access to the parliament. However, residents in a nearby community can still use the route as usual.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has designated an alternative location to accommodate about 100-200 protesters at its Kiak Kai administrative center. If the number exceeds the capacity, the municipal police will make further adjustments to accommodate the crowd.

Motorists are advised to avoid the route of Sam Sen Road in front of the Parliament building as it will be closed to traffic. Other affected routes include Sam Sen Road (Bang Krabue – the entrance and exit of Boon Rawd Brewery), Pracharat Sai 1 Road (Kiekkai Kai intersection – Bangpho Intersection), and Thahan Road (Kiekkai Kai intersection – Saphan Daeng Intersection).

Police officers have been stationed at various points, and some protesters have started to gather outside the parliament. Street vendors selling water bottles, umbrellas, and political party merchandise have begun setting up their stalls. (TNA)