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Wed, 11/02/2022 - 13:37
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Critics, protestors not to embolden warmongers: Qalibaf

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has underlined that all Iranian people, including critics and protestors, love the Islamic country and that they would not encourage warmongers and terrorists. Qalibaf made the remarks in a Wednesday meeting, noting that the Iranians will pursue their demands while showing hatred towards intervention by the American coup organizers, so the authorities in the Islamic country are tasked with paving the ground for listening to their requests and acting in line with them. About the National Day of Fight against the Global Arrogance and the Seizure of the Den of Espionage (the US embassy in Tehran), the speaker said that the United States as the emblem of global arrogance has attempted to harm nations by resorting to different methods such as coups, civil wars, equipping extremist groups, occupation, and preplanned revolutions. The Iranian nation decided to stand against the global arrogance four decades ago and seized the den of spies in order to impose its own will on the hegemon, he noted, adding that the Iranians reached the point that the highest official of their country should not be a pawn of the US, so the will of no imperialist should not be able to disintegrate a part of the country. Therefore, the Iranian people seized the US embassy on November 4, 1979, to show that the era of coup d'etats has come to an end, he said. In the recent incidents, the US and a spy network and their saboteurs projected a sophisticated plan, but they made another mistake this time as well, the speaker argued, adding that the US knows that people around the world are on the verge of acquiring the same historical know-how against the global arrogance; thus, the Americans made all-out efforts to propagate that there is a kind of deadlock in the Islamic Iran. The main effort to stand against the US is that the authorities should work for the Iranians in order to reduce problems of the nation, he concluded. Follow us on Twitter @IrnaEnglish