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Sat, 03/12/2022 - 11:05
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Indonesia follows free, active foreign policy over Ukrainian crisis

Jakarta, March 12 (ANTARA) - Indonesia sticks to its free and active foreign policy in responding to the Ukrainian crisis, European Director II at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry Winardi Hanafi Lucky stated. "Free and active does not mean active neutral. However, (as a matter of fact, Indonesia) also gives contribution in terms of thoughts and assistance to solve the conflict," Lucky noted at a webinar titled "Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Indonesia's and ASEAN's Position and Role" in Jakarta on Friday (March 11). Free and active principle is not identical to a neutral stand, but it is free to take a stand in accordance with the national interests, according to Lucky. Moreover, he emphasized that Indonesia does not merely follow suit of other countries, but it has the interests to voice the significance of respecting the norms of international law. Indonesia will always strive for an end to the use of force and call for all parties to solve the conflict, he affirmed. Speaking in connection with the Russia-Ukraine war, Lucky remarked that Indonesia sees de-escalation as the best way to address the situation. Thus, the negotiation process will run more effectively, and the humanitarian channel can likely be pursued. The Indonesian government also called on the public to look at the Ukrainian issue wisely so as not to cause a rift in the community. The public must remain united to keep the Indonesian territory intact, Lucky stressed. Speaking in connection with Indonesia's stand on the Ukrainian crisis, he echoed the government's stance that Indonesia will continue to maintain sound relations with Russia and Ukraine since they are its friends.