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Sat, 02/20/2016 - 10:34
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Lack of agreement on Russia’s draft resolution may complicate talks on Syria - Russian lawmaker

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. Lack of agreement on Russian draft resolution on protecting Syria’s sovereignty may complicate negotiations on peaceful settlement in the region, first deputy chairman of Russian Federation Council’s Committee on Defense and Security Frants Klintsevich said on Saturday. The United States, United Kingdom France did not support the draft resolution out of principle, Klintsevich said. "So they in fact supported Turkey in its aggressive actions, once again demonstrating their Atlantic solidarity," he noted. "US, UK and France, at least for now, were not able or, more likely, did not want to make a step away from bloc positions. They continue acting in the framework of ‘us-them’ paradigm which is characteristic of the Cold War," the lawmaker added. "I am afraid this can seriously complicate peace talks on Syria by pushing the situation in this country to an absolute dead-end," he said. At the same time, "Russia is open for cooperation on resolving the Syrian problem, including in the framework of UN Security Council," Klintsevich added. Diplomats said that six members of UN Security Council, including US, UK and France, rejected the draft resolution proposed by Russia at the session. Before the session, envoys of two UN Security Council member countries said that the Russian document has no future. The draft resolution submitted by Russia calls on all countries to stop strikes at Syria, respect its sovereignty and "leave all attempts or plans" to stage a military invasion of the country. Read more