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Wed, 08/21/2019 - 17:15
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Russian policy in Africa not aimed against third countries - senior diplomat

MOSCOW, August 21. /TASS/. The Russian policy in Africa is not meant to counter any third countries, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Africa Department Andrey Kemarsky told TASS on Wednesday. "Considering the current state of our bilateral relations, Americans would like to hinder our policy in Africa. However, this policy is not aimed against third countries. We are developing relations with our African partners on the continent on the basis of mutually beneficial partnership, sovereign choice and in no way do we advance our police against the US or any other countries," he said, underlining that both Russia and African countries are primarily looking for opportunities to expand cooperation. Responding to a question whether Russian representatives ever had to face obstacles put in their way by other states when establishing dialogue with African partners, Kemarsky pointed out that for now there have not been any prominent examples of unsportsmanlike conduct, although the US’ overall policy is meant to restrict Russia’s capabilities, including those in Africa. "We are hoping that in the future we will be able to develop our relations with Africa without worrying about any external factors," he concluded. Read more