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Thu, 03/30/2023 - 17:38

REC to Promote Russian Products on China's Most Popular Messaging App, WeChat

The Russian Export Center (REC, part of the VEB.RF) is launching an official account on WeChat, a multipurpose social media, messaging and payment app developed in China.
Russian goods presented in national online stores under the "Made in Russia" brand will be promoted there for free, the center reports.
"WeChat can be said to be the national social network of the Celestial Empire, as 90% of the country's residents use it. They use it for both personal and business purposes. And of course, they pay attention to the goods advertised there. That is why we have opened a WeChat account so that every consumer in China knows where to find high-quality Russian products and what their special features are. All goods certified as "Made in Russia" and placed in national stores on popular Chinese marketplaces will be promoted there. This promotion will be free of charge for the exporting companies themselves," said Alexey Murzenok, Director of International Partnership Programs at the Russian Export Center.
To take advantage of promotional opportunities in the Chinese market, an exporter must submit an online application for placement in one of the national stores through the My Export digital platform and obtain a "Made in Russia" certificate.
In order to find the REC’s account on WeChat, just type "Made in Russia" in the search box. The first publication there is a general article with links to active national stores. In the near future, a catalog of Russian-certified products will appear there. It will provide the Chinese public with information and links to Russian products that can be purchased. The promotion of the account will also be launched very soon. In addition, the first advertising campaign will be devoted to the relaunch of the project to develop a network of national online stores, of which there are already more than 10 in China, and the national "Made in Russia" brand promotion program.
If an exporter wants to get his goods into the network of national stores on Chinese marketplaces and advertise on WeChat, he should take the following steps: first, he needs to use the free international marketplace selection service on the "My Export" digital platform. It will help him determine the target country for export, as well as analyze the company's readiness to export and the company's development strategy.
Then the exporter must choose the National Store, which is located in one of the Chinese marketplaces, and apply for placement and promotion there. This can be done at the exporter's own expense or with government support from regional export support centers - this option is available to small and medium-sized enterprises. The service includes the design and placement of product cards in the marketplace account, export shipment support and advice on import conditions, as well as organizing sales for 12 months and basic promotion.
The exporter can obtain a "Made in Russia" certificate both before submitting an online application for placement and promotion in national stores, and during the service process itself. It is important to note that the "Made in Russia" certificate is issued only for voluntary certificates of conformity. You can find out all the details and submit an application at the REC’s website.
After the product hits the online shelf, Chinese WeChat users learn about it through a promotion with a "Made in Russia" account.
National stores are joint online stores on foreign marketplaces where you can find Russian goods in various categories from different sellers. In addition, the goods must have a "Made in Russia" certificate. The project is promoted by the Russian Export Center in cooperation with the Russian government under the national brand "Made in Russia".
In total, there are 30 national stores in China, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. For example, national stores in China are located on marketplaces such as Kuaishou, Douyin, Tmall, 1919 and Taobao; in Turkey - on Trendyol and Amazon; in Southeast Asia - on Lazada and Shopee.