Senator Files Lawsuits After Being Threatened

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Mon, 07/17/2023 - 11:25

Senator Files Lawsuits After Being Threatened

BANGKOK July 17 (TNA) – A senators has filed lawsuits against people posting online threats against them and their families after most senators abstained from voting for Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat to become the new prime minister.

Mr. Pita failed the initial prime minister bid as he was unable to gain enough support from 249 non- elected senators during the parliamentary vote for a prime minister last Thursday. MFP won the most seat in the May14 general election and is attempting to form a coalition government.

Senator, Seri Suwannapanon and members of the Senate told a press conference on Monday that senators were threatened and suffered damage from mass media and online social media, affecting their private businesses and extending to their families. Currently, two lawsuits have been filed, and investigations are ongoing against other individuals, with additional evidence being collected.

Seri said there is currently a tendency to express hostility towards those with different opinions through the use of harsh language and aggressive behavior. There has been the use of offensive and derogatory words, but the most concerning issue is that bullying messages were extended to their families or intended to cause damages to the businesses of some senators.

Therefore, they decided to file lawsuits and pursue legal action against individuals responsible for causing such harm. Earlier this morning, Seri sent representatives to the Taling Chan Criminal Court to file lawsuits against well-known lawyer Decha Kittiwitthayanan and Mr. Pattrarapong Supaksorn aka Lawyer An Buriram.

Currently, other senators are gathering evidence to proceed with legal action against people who have used social media to cause damages to them. They said they have received cooperation from multiple agencies, and it is expected that it won’t take long to identify and continue the legal proceedings. (TNA)