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Mon, 09/11/2023 - 10:07
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Sub-district Chief  Will Not Escape Justice: Deputy Police Chief

BANGKOK, Sept 11 (TNA) – A local administrator or Kamnan Nok, allegedly ordering a gunman to shoot a highway police officer will not escape justice as the evidence is being securely held, said Pol. Gen. Surachate Kahkparn, deputy national police chief.

The shooting occurred at the dinner party, attended by about 20 police officers at the house of the sub-district chief in Nakhon Pathom on September 6.

Regarding witness testimonies and suspects, Pol. Gen. Surachet stated that all information and evidence are being collected in the same direction that the sub-district chief ordered the gunman to shoot the highway police inspector.

After a CCTV server at the house of Kamnan Nok was thrown into the water to conceal the crime and was retrieved by divers, Pol.Gen.Surachate said that it would take 3-4 days to recover the data from the server, which was previously submerged. It is now dry, allowing complete data retrieval.

The investigation is ongoing, and if the results connect anyone to the wrongdoing, they will issue summons and arrest warrants accordingly.

He emphasized that the legal action will be taken against police officers if they are found guilty of dereliction of duty at the crime scene or evidence tampering. The investigation will cover all aspects, including truck bribery stickers.

After meeting with the prime minister on Sunday, he said the prime minister wants to eradicate the mafia and all influential figures, returning the police to serve the public.

In the latest development this morning, six police officers taken into custody were transported to the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases in Samut Songkhram for further detention.

The six officers, who were apprehended earlier and had been under investigation, were visibly tense as they were escorted out of their cells. All six officers remained silent and did not respond to any questions from media members. (TNA)