Tourism Industry Proposes Tourism Plan to Incoming Government

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BANGKOK, May 22 (TNA) — Khaosan Road business operators wanted the new generation of politicians in the new incoming government to take care of tourism industry, amends the outdated laws so that Thailand can compete with the neighboring countries.

Khaosan Road Business Association president Sa-nga Ruangwattanakul who represents the nightlife tour operators indicated the expectations for the new minister of the Tourism and Sports Ministry of the new government.

He said it had to admit that during the past 8-9 years, the ministry adhered with the old fashioned procedures and reacted with slow response to the new challenges. He wanted the new government to update the laws related to the tourism operators as the existing laws are unfavorable for the businesses and causing difficulties in practice.

Sa-nga says he has discussions with the tourism operators all over Bangkok and they wanted the government to scrap the ban on alcohol sales from 2pm to 5pm.

He said Bangkok and many tourism cities have lose the opportunity to compete with neighboring countries.

Many international tourists that wanted to visit Thailand have to think twice before making their final decision.

He also proposed the government to adjust the zoning for entertainment venues in order to expand the business hours from closing at midnight to 2am or 4am to open more opportunities for business competition.

In the past, the Bangkok Governor and Minister of Tourism and Sports accepted to consider this proposal but there was no any response until now. So, he wanted the new government to urgently consider this proposal.

Meanwhile, he says Khaosan Road has specific issue is the cannabis shops that spring up just like mushrooms. What he expects from the new government was the clarity of the main law and organic laws related to the cannabis.

He wanted to see how to make it clear without any impact on the operators who legally get the permissions from the outgoing government. (TNA)