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Wed, 02/14/2024 - 07:31
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Oldest lipstick ever found discovered in Iran

Jiroft, IRNA – Archaeologists have discovered a small chlorite vial containing a deep red cosmetic preparation believed to be an ancient form of lipstick in the Jiroft region of southeastern Iran.

The findings, published in various scientific journals, reveal that the mineral components of the reddish substance include hematite, darkened with manganite and braunite, along with traces of galena and anglesite. These ingredients were mixed with vegetal waxes and other organic substances, closely resembling the recipes of contemporary lipsticks.

The discovery is dated to 4,000 years ago, which highlights the sophisticated knowledge of chemical processing possessed by ancient Iranians.

Dr. Nasir Eskandari, a professor at the University of Tehran and one of the archaeologists who contributed to the discovery, stated to IRNA that the study aimed to uncover the pioneering role of ancient Iranians in the field of chemical science.

The discovered substance indicates that Iranians were the first inventors of lipstick, he said.