Vietnam plugs in to promising EV auto sector

Hanoi, May 3 (VNA) – In the current context of worsening air pollution, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an inevitable trend in the global automobile industry, and Vietnam is no exception. In particular, Vietnam is considered a high-potential market for electric cars in the near future.

Luxembourg PM's visit hoped to deepen bilateral friendship, cooperation

Hanoi, May 3 (VNA) - The upcoming visit by Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, the first by a Luxembourg PM to Vietnam in over 20 years, is expected to make the friendship and partnership between the two countries deeper and more substantive.

Vietnam towards sustainable development goals: no time for hesitation

Hanoi, May 1 (VNA) – Among the 17 sustainable development goals Vietnam committed to at the 2030 Agenda, only four have been fulfilled so far and two have been delayed.

Cuban media spotlights Vietnamese NA Chairman’s activities in Cuba

Hanoi, April 21 (VNA) - The Cuban media has run articles highlighting the ongoing official visit to Cuba by Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue and his activities in Havana.

Impact investing – A catalyst towards new growth in Vietnam

Hanoi, April 21 (VNA) – Innovation and impact investing will help Vietnam ensure balanced socio-economic development, as well as sustainable development, heard a recent workshop in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi.

Cruise tourism – ‘gold mine’ for Vietnam to tap into

Hanoi, April 12 (VNA) - Vietnam witnessed an significant increase in the number of international tourist arrivals by sea in the first quarter of 2023, showing that cruise tourism has great potential for further development in the Southeast Asian nation.

Consistent policy, efforts ensure diverse, free religious life in Vietnam

Hanoi, March 24 (VNA) – The consistent policy of the Vietnamese Party and State in ensuring people's right to freedom of belief has been enshrined in the country's Constitutions issued in 1946, 1959, 1980, 1992 and 2013, creating favourable conditions for all religions in the country.

Vietnam makes hallmark on world medical map

Hanoi, February 28 (VNA) - Over the past years, Vietnam's health sector has made big strides with and many difficult techniques successfully applied, helping the country gain a foothold on the world medical map.

Vietnam’s imprint in 2022: All-out efforts bring spectacular growth

Hanoi, January 23 (VNA) – The year 2022 has passed with many difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the world economic recession.

Digital communication contribute to Vietnam’s tourism recovery in 2022

Hanoi, January 21 (VNA) – Digital marketing and communication made positive contributions to the recovery of Vietnam’s tourism in 2022.