Sports Cricket ``I am really sorry for what happened'', Mohammad Asif

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Sat, 06/21/2008 - 09:31

Sports Cricket ``I am really sorry for what happened'', Mohammad Asif

Lahore, June 21 PPI: Pakistan's fast bowler Muhammad Asif Friday sought apology from
the nation for what happened with him at Dubai airport and his detention for
suspected possession of an illegal substance.

Asif made brief appearance before newsmen at Gadaffi stadium in Lahore after meeting
with Chairman, Pakistan Cricket Board, Dr Nasim Ashraf. He read a brief statement
and declined to answer questions. ``I am really sorry for what happened at Dubai
airport and I regret over it,'' he said.

The pace bowler was in detention since June 1 after returning to Pakistan via Dubai
from India after taking part in Indian Premier League. He was deported after case
against him was dropped by Dubai public prosecutor on the grounds of insignificance.

Asif claimed he was innocent as he did not use any banned substance. ``During IPL I
underwent two doping tests, and cleared both of them. If I had been tested positive,
the ICC would not have cleared me.'' He returned Friday morning from Dubai.

He had all praise for PCB, Pakistan ambassador in UAE Ahsanullah Khan and Nadim
Akram, Director Human Resources, PCB for his release. ``They all put in lot of
effort and always encouraged me. I feel relieved on reaching home.''

Meanwhile, PCB formed three-member fact finding committee to probe Asif's case and
conclude what exactly happened with bowler at Dubai Airport. PCB Chairman, Dr Nasim
Ashraf said Friday committee will determine reasons or cause Asif was detained and
what charges were established against him.

``Until we do not receive documents from Dubai authorities we cannot comment what
were reasons for his detention. The committee will thoroughly look into the matter
after getting necessary documents and interviewing people involved in this

He said Asif apologised and insists he was innocent and did not possess any banned
substance. ``I have heard his point of view. He told me he was in possession of a
pain killer given to him by an expert of natural herbs (Hakim) and he was not aware
of its presence in his vault as it was with him for months.''

Dr Ashraf said committee will submit report as soon as possible which will be sent
to International Cricket Council for information. ``PCB has zero tolerance on
violation of discipline and doping.''