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Mon, 08/11/2008 - 15:57
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Ex-premier Thaksin flees to UK

BANGKOK, Aug 11 (TNA) – Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Monday conceded he had decided to stay in the United Kingdom, claiming he and his family faced a security threats and received unfair treatment in the Thai judicial system.

In a three-page handwritten statement sent to Thailand's state-run NBT TV channel, Mr. Thaksin said he could not return to report to the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Political Positions Holders on Monday because of security concerns and therefore needed to go to England.

He pointed out there were attempted assassinations against him, adding
that he and his family had repeatedly received death threats and they had
to travel in bullet-proof cars.

Mr. Thaksin stated a group of people was appointed following the military
coup to draw up a new constitution aimed at persecuting the coup-makers
opponents and giving their supporters political gain.

The ousted premier said he had decided to return to Thailand on February
28 since he thought the situation would improve after the election result
of December 23, 2007, which saw the People Power Party (PPP) win the

But the situation was not as favourable as he thought, and did not permit
him to prove his innocence since there was an "intervention in the
judicial system" that could lead to double-standard employment in legal
proceedings against him

He said such an ill-intentioned act originated from the intervention by
dictators who had a hidden agenda to "get rid of me and my family".

Mr. Thaksin reiterated that he and his family are still loyal to the
nation, religion, and monarchy though some had attempted to accuse him of
being otherwise.

"I may be not a perfect man," he said, "but I reaffirm that I am not as
bad as some have accused."

Mr. Thaksin also apologised his supporters for having to seek political
asylum, and then asked them to remain committed to him.

"If good fortune were on my side," he said, "I would return to Thailand and
die there like all other Thai people."

The former prime minister apologised to his supporters for having to go
into exile and asked them to remain committed to him.

"All this is the result of my tireless efforts to help the country," Mr.
Thaksin said. "I apologise for having to seek relocation to England. I ask
that all my supporters to remain with me a bit longer."

Ex-premier Thaksin said he would reveal the whole truth at an appropriate
time, saying "Today is not my day." (TNA)