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Thu, 08/14/2008 - 20:27
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By Nashir MansorTAWAU (Malaysia), Aug 14 (Bernama) -- Asia Aquaculture (M) Sdn Bhd, the largest producer of shrimp in Sabah aims to produce about 1,700 metric tonnes of shrimp this year, 400 metric tonnes higher than last year.

Asia Aquaculture general manager Pornphot Churod said with the company's six farms comprising 93 ponds in Sungai Abas, near here, the companymanaged to produce about 1,300 metric tonnes of shrimp last year.

Asia Acquaculture is a subsidiary of CP Group, a Thailand based company with offices in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. It started its operation in Tawau in2005.

"This year, we expect to produce about 1,700 metric tonnes of shrimp. And asat July this year we have harvested about 1,100 metric tonnes.

"We are very confident that this year's production target could be achieved and if the current market price of RM10 per kilogram continues, the company's revenue from this year's production would be about RM170 million," he said toBernama here.

Pornphot said all the shrimps, from the vannamei species (udang putih), produced in Sabah are processed here and 80 per cent of the produce is forexport while the remaining 20 per cent is for the local market.

"Most of our production are exported to countries like Japan, United Statesand European Union," he said.

According to him, the company so far faces no problem in exporting shrimps to its customers in these developed countries as they know that Sabah which islocated in the Borneo Island has a clean environment and less pollution.

"Borneo's images of its clean environment among these importing countries is good. They are also confident of our environment friendly shrimprearing and farm management," he said.

Pornphot said officers from the Department of Environment also regularly visit the farms to ensure that they follow all the environmentalregulations.

Meanwhile, Pornphot said when the company started its business here, the company began by supplying shrimp food to shrimp farmers before directlyventuring into the shrimp farming industry.

He said the company's investment when it started operation here wasabout RM6 million, only for assets and excluding management cost.

The company now has about 130 workers who are provided with basicfacilities like accommodation and electricity.

All workers are well trained to ensure high quality of shrimp production aswell as disease free shrimp.