Afghan refugees sustainable return can only be achieved by conducive

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Thu, 08/28/2008 - 11:36

Afghan refugees sustainable return can only be achieved by conducive

Islamabad, Aug 27 PPI: Pakistan's States & Frontier Regions Minister, Najmuddin Khan says sustainable and respectable return of Afghan Refuges can only be achieved by creating conducive environment inside Afghanistan for which world community has to play vital role be prioritizing areas of potential returns for development and
reintegration progress.

Talking to Antonio Guterres, UN High Commission for Refugees here Wednesday, he said
Pakistan has been generous host to over three million Afghan refugees for three
decades of 1.9 million are registered and one million unregistered which is still a
big burden on ``our economy and creating social problems.''

Pakistan government is in process of reviewing three years repatriation strategy but
revised strategy has to be time bound on medium term basis and yearly figures have
to be worked out among stakeholders, he stated.

Guterres was told of slow progress of land allocation schemes for returnees in
Afghanistan and requested to personally advocate for resources from world community
for development of Afghanistan and its reintegration efforts. UNHCR budget for
Afghan refugees has been on constant decline and appropriate budgetary provisions
may be made without further cuts.

Guterres lauded Pakistan for hosting millions of Afghan refugees for which it has
paid a heavy price. He stressed international community must recognize services
rendered by Pakistan for bearing such huge load of Afghan refugees.

He assured he would personally advocate case of Pakistan and evolve strategy and
adopt pragmatic approach to repatriate Afghan refugees to their homeland. All out
efforts will be made to develop Afghan refugees impacted areas.