BNS: Pakistan's economic indicators are positive

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Sat, 08/30/2008 - 11:26

BNS: Pakistan's economic indicators are positive

Islamabad, Aug 29 PPI: Pakistan's Finance Minister Naveed Qamar says despite challenges, the government has taken tangible measures to consolidate economy and attract foreign investment.

The economic indicators are ``positive. During last two months foreign direct
investment increased significantly besides record foreign remittances and tax
collection,'' Qamar told newsmen on Friday.

He said talks are underway with various donor agencies including Asian Development
Bank and World Bank for financing various projects. Asian Development Bank is
expected to release $500 million tranche in next few days and bank also promised to
double this aid. World Bank would also release $1.5 billion.

Qamar said foreign donor agencies lauded policies and difficult decisions taken by
government to strengthen economy and expressed confidence that policies would help
it on sound track.