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Tue, 04/26/2011 - 15:59
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Azeri Politician Laments Heavy Pressures on Muslims in Caucasus Region

TEHRAN ,April 26 (FNA)- The Muslim people of the Caucasus region are under various pressures for their Islamic beliefs, former leader of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan Norouz Nouriov said, but meantime underlined that nothing and no one can undermine Muslims' strong belief in their religious values.
"The people of the Caucasus region have been under pressure and oppression for practicing their religious rituals and traditions since Russia and the former Soviet Union ruled the region and such conditions are still in place," Nouriov complained.

He mentioned that the Muslim people of the Caucasus region have long suffered from difficult economic conditions and other problems, but stressed, "The people of this region will never bow to such pressures and will not abandon their religious values."

Political observers blame Russia and certain trans-regional countries for the problems in the Caucasus.

Iran has always voiced strong opposition against intervention in the Caucasus region by trans-regional powers, stressing that any problem in the region must be resolved relying on regional capacities.

Tehran has also announced its preparedness to help settle the existing problems in the neighboring Caucasus region if asked by the Caucasus states.