Commander Underlines Flexibility of Iran's Military Forces

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Wed, 04/27/2011 - 09:12

Commander Underlines Flexibility of Iran's Military Forces

TEHRAN,April 27 (FNA)- Iran's Armed Forces are flexible enough to confront the heaviest and most dangerous military threats in the world, a senior Iranian Army commander underlined on Tuesday.
"W have boosted flexibility in military units and prepared the necessary grounds for a dynamic structure," Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Abdul-Rahim Mousavi said in a ceremony here in Tehran today.

"At present, our military units are able to change a single-front confrontation to a multiple-fronts confrontation and can stage high mobility," Mousavi stressed.

"Our military units have the capability to change their structure and redeploy their equipment rapidly," he added.

He further noted that Iran is closely monitoring enemies' military equipments, tactics and training courses as well as their military knowledge, and said the Iranian Armed Forces are ready to confront the greatest and most perilous military threats.

In relevant remarks on Iran's military power, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Ali Jafari also played down possibility of any future military threat against Iran, given the country's military might, high deterrent capabilities and intelligence supremacy over enemies' moves.

Speaking in an interview with FNA on Friday, Jafari pointed to the massive military buildup of the trans-regional forces during the last 8 years (since the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq), and said during the same period Iran has been able to prepare itself and promote its capabilities, specially in military arenas.

"Now and at the end of this eight-year period we are in such conditions that many people, including our enemies, have realized that posing a military threat against Iran is no more effective," the IRGC commander stressed.

"The cause of this deterrence is the high speed of our increased capabilities, including our missile capabilities," Jafari underlined.

He pointed out that the IRGC has increased the range of its missiles so much that it can now confront trans-regional enemies.

"Although we are capable of increasing the range of our missiles, we don't think it would be necessary because today our main trans-regional enemy, that is the Quds occupying regime (Israel) is within the range of our missiles," Jafari reiterated.

"And if the US wants to back up Israeli threats, a major part of its forces are even closer to us and are within the range of our firepower as well," the IRGC commander added.