Issuance of Pakistan Cards for flood-affected people: Brokers become active, charge Rs.500 to Rs.1000 per card

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Badin, September 27, 2011 (PPI): The government has setup eleven centers in five Tehsils of Badin, the southern district of Sindh ravaged by flash floods during recent monsoon season, to issue Pakistan Cards to the displaced persons for receiving financial assistance, but soon as six of such centers started functioning with inauguration by national assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza on Monday, the brokers became active fleecing the poor men and women charging Rs.500 to Rs.1000 as commission for getting them the cards.

Such transaction was seen taking place openly at the centers where there were long queues of flood affected people. Those who couldn’t afford paying the commission to the brokers, had to return in utter despair in the evening.

At least 270, 000 people are said to have been affected by flash floods in Badin district alone according to official statistics.

Social activists Fayyaz Abro, Ram Kolhi, Suleman Soomro, Sawan Khaskheli and others demanded the government to help poor get rid of the commission agents and start awareness program guiding the illiterate how to get the cards and also keep check on the officials at the centers responsible for issuing the Pakistan Cards.