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Wed, 12/13/2023 - 10:14

US Targets Over 200 Firms and 20 Individuals With Anti-Russia Sanctions

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States has targeted more than 200 companies, some two dozen people and three vessels in its latest round of Russia-related sanctions, the Treasury announced on Tuesday.

Among the sanctioned entities are Russia’s Expobank, Highland Gold Mining, Fortiana Holdings Limited, Stanmix Holding Limited, and Joint Stock Company Ozernaya Mining Company.

The US State Department has targeted the firms and individuals for their alleged sanctions evasion and strengthening Russian energy production in a new round of anti-Moscow sanctions over Ukraine, the Treasury announced in a release on Tuesday.

“Concurrently, the Department of State is imposing sanctions on over 100 entities and individuals, including those engaged in sanctions evasion in numerous third countries, complicit in furthering Russia’s ability to wage its war against Ukraine, and responsible for bolstering Russia’s future energy production and export capacity,” the release said.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has to be prepared for the fact that Western sanctions pressure will intensify.

“We must be prepared for the fact that Western sanctions pressure will intensify. Over the past years, they, our so-called partners, have already adopted countless packages of sanctions. They themselves have practically become entangled in these sanctions. They tried to punish us, but in the end, as we see, - a completely obvious thing, as can be seen from the statistics - they hit their own economy, their jobs," Putin said at a meeting on economic issues.

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