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Mon, 02/12/2024 - 18:53
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Iran, Saudi Arabia publishers to increase cooperation

TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (MNA) – An official with the Tehran Book Fair said that talks had been done with Riyadh Book Fair authorities for the mutual presence of Iranian and Saudi publications at future book fairs in the two countries.

Ali Ramezani, deputy director and spokesperson of the 35th Tehran International Book Fair made the remarks while attending the 32nd New Delhi International Book Fair where he referred to the meeting with the director of the Riyadh International Book Fair and added,"We had already talked with the head of the Riyadh Book Fair at the Beijing International Book Fair."

"Talking with the head of the Riyadh exhibition took place yesterday at the New Delhi International Book Fair, and the topic of talks was the presence of Iran in the Riyadh exhibition - which will be held in September - and the presence of Saudi Arabia in the Tehran book fair. Both sides are interested in developing cooperation between each other's publishers, authors and publishing groups," Ramezani also said.

"​The presence of the Saudi publications in the Tehran book fair is important for Iran, and in return the participation of Iran in the Riyadh fair is important for Saudi Arabia. The Saudi publishing industry has a high volume of production and in Iran it is easy to translate Arabic works into Farsi. With the many cultural and religious commonalities we have, we can translate many works more easily and with minimal changes and present them in the country," the Iranian official further said.