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Mon, 02/12/2024 - 19:29
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Syria warns of the catastrophic repercussions of Rafah invasion as threat to stability of region

Damascus, SANA-Syria has warned of the catastrophic repercussions of any Israeli attack on Rafah on the lives of civilians, children and women in particular, who were brutally forced by “Israel” to take refuge in the southern Gaza Strip and exposed their lives to serious threats. 

“Syria stresses that allowing Israel to implement its dangerous and inhumane plans in Gaza by USA will pose a major threat to security and stability in the region,” Foreign and Expatraites Ministry said in a statement on Monday. 

The statement added that the Israeli decision to launch a military attack on Palestinian civilians is a serious violation of the rules of international law and the most basic human rights. 

“The displacement of Palestinians again is morally condemned and requires protecting them by the international community and providing their humanitarian needs immediately and permanently,” the Ministry said. 

It added that Syria renews its appeal to the international community,  especially the International Court of Justice, to force Israel to stop the human genocide it is committing against the Palestinians and hold the Israeli fascist leaders accountable and fully responsible for the catastrophic effects resulting from targeting civilians and their  facilities and property in Gaza.