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For photography enthusiasts, capturing images of brown-shanked douc langurs on Son Tra Peninsula is never easy, as the animal is quite reclusive. 

However, during the blooming season of copperpod flowers, also known as yellow-flamboyant, or yellow-flame, the langurs often come out to forage and relax on the tree-tops, making it the best time for snapping photos of the endangered creature.

The blooming of copperpod flowers also signals a fast-approaching summer. Therefore, apart from seeking brown-shanked douc langurs, tourists also flock to Son Tra to contemplate the local greenery and escape from the scorching heat.

According to photographers, the best time to catch the brown-shanked douc langurs and admire the beauty of copperpod flowers is early morning and late afternoon. These are when the langurs come out to forage on the branches of copperpod canopies./.