Declaration of Tehran

The 18th General Assembly of the Organization of Asia - Pacific News Agencies (OANA), declares on October 25th, 2022, as follows:

a. While the Covid-19 pandemic imposed some limitations on how news stories were covered and published traditionally, media organizations have devised new strategies and employed modern technologies in order to appropriately respond to the needs of their audience. Member agencies will continue sharing experiences in the framework of OANA to keep up with the new conditions and developments.

b. OANA member agencies reaffirm their commitment to the statutes of the organization and to the fulfillment of its objectives through the decisions that are made and will be made by both in-person meetings and virtual contacts.

c. OANA members will promote cooperation among news agencies in order to fight fake news and enhance credibility of reports and news products.

d. Recognizing their audience's right of access to accurate information, OANA members reaffirm that they will not allow political considerations negatively influence their professional duty to report realities.

e. OANA member agencies will work together to promote the normal activities of news agencies and try to overcome any obstacles that can adversely affect cooperation among media agencies

f. Recognizing international norms such as national sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, member agencies emphasize that professional Media are not expected to threaten national sovereignty of independent states around the world.