The General Assembly unaminously accepted the OANA operational charter presented as a document called the Istanbul Declaration.
It reads as follows:
Intellectual property rights and copyright of member news agencies must be protected according to law and ethical practices of the profession.
OANA members must increase cooperation not only on editorial and education matters, but also in developing technical infrastructure and commercial operations. They should seek to understand modern marketing and editorial practices.
Obstacles against accurate, fast and objective news reporting must be cleared to allow news agencies to flourish in a better environment. We support the core values of press freedom and ethical journalism. We strongly urge all governments to ensure the safety, rights and fair treatment of local and foreign journalists representing domestic and international media companies.
Globalization of information and the developments in the digital news environment have brought challenges and serious competitors to news agencies. However these agencies will remain relevant if they provide timely and comprehensive news coverage. The strategies for survival include the increased cooperation between news agencies at bilateral, regional and international levels. OANA must maintain its vitality in partnership with other news agency associations. We call on our members to contribute suggestions for even greater cooperation.
OANA members must offer new services in order to maintain current markets and secure their future. Audio, video and multi-media services will help us meet the needs of our audience and customers. OANA members should commit to help their fellow agencies modernise and survive in rapidly changing market conditions.