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UN experts believe that Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the Security Council will positively affect the situation in the world. Leaders of states and ministries supported the peacekeeping initiatives put forward by President Nazarbayev. Once possessing the world's 4th nuclear arsenal, Kazakhstan renounced weapons of mass destruction, thereby showing an example to other countries. According to experts, Kazakhstan will give a new impetus to further disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

- Nuclear disarmament is a very important topic. It is a very pressing topic in the light of what is going on the Korean peninsula. There will be a new approach, a new vision to nuclear disarmament. Since the 1990s, Kazakhstan has served as an example of how to maintain the status of a nuclear free country. Kazakhstan has gone through all stages from a state that suffered from nuclear tests to the highest political decision to become a nuclear-weapon-free country. Everything that you are doing will make a history. It raises the international status of the country, and also the prestige of the UN, where Kazakhstan is an important member.

International experts and political scientists have high expectations on Kazakhstan’s presidency in the UN Security Council. They hope that the Korean conflict will be settled thanks to the initiatives set forth by Nursultan Nazarbayev, and the two Koreas, Northern and Southern, will make peace.

- As a Korean, I expect that Kazakhstan will also play its role in strengthening peace on the Korean peninsula, especially, in connection with the North Korean nuclear crisis. I know that Kazakhstan was the first country to abandon its nuclear arsenal more than twenty years ago.

Analysts attach great importance to security issues Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about in the UN Security Council, in particular, addressing the issues related to the threats of developing the nuclear program and conducting missile tests in North Korea. The settlement of the Afghan conflict and the establishment of peace in the Central Asian region are important as well, experts say.

- This is also a traditional direction for Kazakhstan, which Kazakhstan constantly brings to the global level for international discussion - the settlement in Afghanistan, and cooperation of Central Asian countries. Kazakhstan has a systematic approach to addressing security question. Kazakhstan, as we know, is raising and discussing this problem as part of the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member and a president. We see consistency in its security strategy since the 1990s and until now.