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Kazakhstan demonstrated a high peacekeeping potential and a deep interest in solving global challenges of mankind in the UN Security Council. International political scientists and experts give such an assessment of the results of Kazakhstan’s presidency in the authoritative body. According to experts, one of the brightest moments was President Nursultan Nazarbayev's speech at the thematic briefing on nuclear non-proliferation. In particular, the head of state announced measures that would save the world from a global threat, and declared readiness to provide a negotiations platform in Kazakhstan to solve the North Korean crisis. A historic document a statement on conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy in the regional context was adopted at the meeting.

- Kazakhstan’s non-nuclear status can serve as a guiding example for other states. I'm speaking from my personal experience. We created and strengthened our independent country, achieved high international authority, namely, by renouncing nuclear weapons and receiving guarantees of non-aggression from nuclear powers. We urge all countries to follow our example. We urged Iran at the time, now we call on North Korea. Nuclear bombs and missiles is not the power. There are many other sources of power in the world. This is not a true defense. The confidence of the world community is the defense.

During the presidency at the UN Security Council, Kazakhstan initiated discussions on the situation in Afghanistan and regional security in Central Asia. The issues of peace in Africa, the fight against international terrorism and violent extremism were not left without attention as well.

- Kazakhstan's presidency in January marks our proactive position on all topics: in particular, the crisis in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula, and the aggravation in other areas of the world. Of course, Kazakhstan promoted the regional cooperation in Central Asia, thereby advocating the agenda of regional, Central Asian countries in this important international body.

According to experts, presidency in the UN Security Council is another historic achievement for Kazakhstan. This fact once again proved the demand for the republic’s peacekeeping activities in resolving seemingly insoluble and protracted conflicts on the international arena.