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Mon, 09/25/2023 - 23:31
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10 students from 6 regions to join scientific expedition to Arctic

MOSCOW, September 25. /TASS/. Ten students and young scientists from Russia's six regions won the Ticket to Arctic competition. Their projects were in ecology, safety and construction. In October, the winners will join an expedition to the Murmansk Region, the Clean Arctic project's press service told TASS.

"The scientific potential of the Russian Arctic development is huge - that region has big research complexes and advanced production facilities. The Ticket to the Arctic contest has contributed to the promotion of knowledge about the Arctic zone, and it is the solution of an important strategic task - to attract young specialists to Arctic research. I hope that the Arctic expedition will be a good incentive for the winners to continue their scientific careers," the press service quoted Denis Sekirinsky, Russia's Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, as saying.

The winners have presented projects of special unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor the environmental situation. Another project related to drawing up hydrographic maps of the "white spots" in the Northern seas by using new-generation echolocation to ensure navigation safety. The contestants have developed unique architectural projects to upgrade polar stations; they presented northern fashion collections made from Arctic waste, and much more. The winners are students from Blagoveshchensk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Obninsk, St. Petersburg and Saratov.

"I am very grateful to the project for the opportunity to present my works to the jury and to receive feedback. I have been studying the Arctic and extreme conditions for a long time and I plan to devote my life to this. I hope for an input in the Arctic development, to make it a comfortable, safe and pleasant place to where people will come, stay and live. I am engaged in scientific objects, so I desperately want to see the Kola Superdeep Borehole and to imagine how it may be restored to become modern and fit for further studies," the press service quoted Valeria Savinova, a graduate student at the Moscow Architectural Institute, as saying.

The competitions are organized by the Clean Arctic non-governmental organization under the federal project to promote sciences and technologies, supported by grants from the national Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The jury features 12 experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, institutes and universities. Filed applications were in seven priority directions in the Arctic development and studies. The scientific expedition's participants will visit nature reserves, industrial facilities, key research centers and scientific-technological enterprises.



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