Activists Rally against Senators outside Parliament

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BANGKOK, May 24 (TNA) – Political activists on Tuesday staged a rally outside Parliament, calling for 250 members of the Senate to respect people’s electoral mandate and to vote for Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat as the new prime minister.

It was the first rally after the May 14 general election. Pro-democracy demonstrators gathered at 5 pm. A seminar was held at the rally to discuss the reasons why the senators should not vote against the people’s resolve. Academics were invited to exchange their view.

The demonstrators said they did not come to pressure senators who has not make a decision on whether they would vote for Pita or not.  They wanted to express their opinions that senators should listen to the voice of the people. They read an open letter to senators, asking them to take sides with the people.

Patsaravalee “Mind”Tanakitvibulpon , the activity’s leader said the rally was symbolic expression. They did not want senators to vote against people’s mandate because they did not want to see more people taking to the street to protect democracy. The 250-strong military-appointed senators were unelected and that was not democracy, so they lack legitimacy to set the direction of Thai politics. They should listen to the voice of the people, she said.

Riot police were on stand-by to maintain order. The rally ended peacefully at 8 pm. (TNA)