AI Used to Catch Illegal Riders on Footpaths

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Thu, 06/22/2023 - 05:56

AI Used to Catch Illegal Riders on Footpaths

BANGKOK, June 22 – (TNA) The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) software to detect motorcyclists illegally riding on footpaths through CCTV cameras at five spots before expanding the system to cover 100 locations across the capital.

According to the BMA, road accidents occurred to 900 pedestrians every year and it received most complaints about riders travelling on footpaths.

The new AI system will detect violators, read their license plates and automatically report the offences to officials.

A traffic ticket will be sent to the offender, who is subject to a fine of 2,000 baht.

More than 3,000 offenders have been detected by the AI system since it was adopted at five locations two months ago. (TNA)