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Wed, 09/20/2023 - 19:14
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Arctic, Antarctic museum digitizes Russian polar exploration heritage

ST. PETERSBURG, September 20. /TASS/. The Museum of Arctic and Antarctic will digitize archival materials related to the Arctic's active development since the 19th century - unique photographs, documents, diaries and many other objects, the museum's Director Natalia Petrova told TASS at the Neva-2023 exhibition.

"We will digitize the collection - diaries, archival documents, our photo collection. We have a very big collection, thousands of objects. They are of high demand, and in order to preserve this heritage, to pass it on to future generations, we will convert the objects into the electronic format. We have purchased all the necessary equipment," she said.

Along with this process, the museum will break the materials into epochs and categories to make the access to them as easy as possible.

The museum has purchased multimedia complexes for people with limited mobility, for whom it may be complicated to move around the ancient museum building, which originally was a church. The museum plans to introduce tactile elements and expositions.

Additionally, the museum has been negotiating new objects - Arctic vessels that are no longer uses, equipment off those vessels, and also objects that may be available after the Vostok polar station in Antarctica is renovated.

"Already nowadays it is important to shape the modern history of the Arctic and Antarctic, the history of their development in recent decades," the museum's director said.



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