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Fri, 10/15/2021 - 18:06
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MGIMO to host first Russian Conference on Sustainable Development and ESG Transformation

MOSCOW, October 14. /TASS/. Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) will host the first Russian Open International Conference on Sustainable Development and ESG Transformation (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance — TASS) as part of the 13th Russian International Studies Association Convention (RISA). The convention “Thirty Years of the New Russia’s Foreign Policy” will be held on October 14-16 and bring together more than 2,000 leading Russian and foreign scholars who will discuss the evolution of Russian foreign policy over the past three decades, the peculiarities and dynamics of relations with newly independent states, and the transformation of social policy in a modern context. In advance of the meeting, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized the importance of sustainable development as a new platform for international dialogue. “Addressing global challenges through interaction and cooperation of all countries and peoples is the best way to ensure peace and prevent conflicts,” he pointed out. The plenary RISA session “Is Sustainable Development a Platform for a Broad International Dialogue? “ as well as the plenary session “What will happen in Glasgow? “ are scheduled on Thursday. Four thematic sections will be organized. On October 15-16, in the context of the Convention, the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-Russia Dialogue Partnership and the 30th anniversary of the ASEAN-Russia relations will be held. Furthermore, the First International Scientific and Practical Conference “Law between East and West” will take place on Friday. Greeting the participants of the Convention, Lavrov stressed the importance of a special session on Afghanistan, which will be held on Friday. At this session the presentation of the Russian President’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Second Asia Department, Zamir Kabulov is expected. Green Shift and its consequences On Thursday, the participants of the conference are expected to discuss the problems of the shift to a green economy, the role of multilateral diplomacy, science and education in sustainable development, as well as the international environmental agenda. According to the materials for the conference, the accelerated shift to a low-carbon economy of the new generation may lead to undesirable consequences for vulnerable countries, mainly to an increase in unemployment rates, cuts in public expenditures on education and health, a decline in the adaptability of states to climate change. “The fight against climate risk must not be at the expense of other important development vectors of the global community. It’s important that the change of business models will not lead to new imbalances in the multilateral trading system, trade wars and the creation of competitive advantages for companies and countries that regulate and control greenhouse gas emissions earlier than others,” the publication reads. Rector of the MGIMO University Anatoly Torkunov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Relations with International Organizations to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals Anatoly Chubais, Deputy Chairman, Milli Mejlis (National Assembly of Azerbaijan) Adil Aliev, First Deputy Chairperson of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Sadyk Safaev, President of the Paris Peace Forum, Honorary President of the Jacques Delors Institute Pascal Lamy, Chancellor of Austria (2000-2007) Wolfgang Schüssel, Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, and President of the All-Russian Insurance Association, Vice-President of the Paris Peace Forum's Steering Committee Igor Yurgens will take part in the conference dedicated to the sustainable development. Read more