Disgruntled Cop Detained, Injured After Clash

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Wed, 03/15/2023 - 09:30

Disgruntled Cop Detained, Injured After Clash

BANGKOK, March 15 (TNA) – The disgruntled police inspector has been detained and taken to hospital after more than 24-hour standoff in a housing estate in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district.

National police chief Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapas arrived at the scene on Wednesday morning to control the situation.

Drone footage showed the off-duty cop was lying in his house. The police used tear gas again to end the standoff.

About noon, the police raided the house, throwing smoke bomb on the second floor to clear to way to detain the gunman. The sound of gunshots was heard. After the 10-minute clash, officials called the ambulance on standby to carry the gunman to hospital for an injury. The ambulance left the scene immediately.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Samran Nuanma, an assistant to the police chief said no one, carrying out the operation was hurt.

The national police chief apologized residents affected by the incident.

The police inspector yesterday refused to be taken to hospital for mental illness treatment and started firing multiple shots in residential area. The police tried to negotiate with him to surrender but to no avail. (TNA)