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Mon, 03/20/2023 - 12:04
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European support for Iraq and its government in combating corruption and building a democratic state

Baghdad / NINA / - Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in the European Union, Josep Borrell, chaired the work of the third session of the Iraqi-European Cooperation Council in the Belgian capital, Brussels.


 During the meeting / according to a statement by the Ministry / a number of issues of common interest were discussed, foremost of which was trade and economic cooperation and ways to develop it, and investing the existing capabilities of both sides, especially cooperation in the field of energy and the support that the European Union can provide to Iraq in developing the infrastructure of the oil and gas sector, in addition to discuss issues of financial cooperation, the environment and immigration.


 Josep Borrell and the foreign ministers of the European Union member states affirmed their support for Iraq and its government in its endeavor to implement its governmental program in combating corruption and building a democratic state in which human rights principles prevail.


 The European side praised the pivotal role played by Iraq in the region as a factor of stability, especially its role in the Saudi-Iranian agreement.


 During the meeting, the formation of a sub-committee specialized in development cooperation between Iraq and the European Union was announced./ End