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Tue, 11/08/2022 - 14:21
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West resorts to unrest to harm Iran economy: MP

Tehran, IRNA – The West utilizes unrest and riot in order to impair Iran’s economy and society by resorting to hybrid and soft war, but they failed thanks to the Iranians' insight, a lawmaker said. Reza Taghipur Anvari told IRNA on Tuesday that a look into Islamic Revolution’s historical pace indicates whenever the entities and officials of the Islamic Republic provided unified programs for growth and progress, the enemies resorted to hybrid and soft war to stand in the way of advancement of the country. A hard war against Iran would be very costly for the West in particular the US and the Zionist regime, the legislator said, noting that following their military failure in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq, they put soft war against Iran on their agenda. We witnessed aspects of the hybrid and soft war in the past weeks amid the riots and the opponents of the establishment targeted the society through the unrest in order to affect Iran’s economy, he added. The enemies use an iron fist hidden in a velvet glove to reach their objectives, but the unity of the Iranian people foiled the foes’ plots, he argued. One of the examples of the hybrid and soft war is the economic sanction, which has been imposed on the Iranian nation for more than 13 years, he said, adding that such an embargo could weaken any country, but Iranians stood against the cruel and illegal sanctions. The Iranian MP further pointed to Iran’s membership in international organizations and treaties, noting that one of the ways to confront conspiracies and hybrid warfare is expansion of relationships and regional diplomacy via membership in organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCI). More than half of the world's population is residing in Asia and the unity among eastern countries can break up the vain hegemony of the West, so the unity makes the Western powers concerned. If other nations see the Islamic Republic of Iran as a role model, the revolution would become uncontainable and the oppressed countries would achieve independence, he concluded. Follow us on Twitter @IrnaEnglish