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Tue, 05/09/2023 - 10:28
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Foreign Ministry: We Look Forward To Cooperate With All Countries, Institutions And Int'l Orgs To Recover Every Piece Of Antiquity Taken Out Of Iraq

Baghdad / NINA /- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its aspiration for the cooperation of all countries, institutions and international organizations with the Iraqi efforts to recover every piece of antiquities that were taken out of Iraq illegally, and to stop illegal trade in them.

It said in a statement, "The restoration of any part of the historical landmarks of Iraq to where it belongs is a source of great pride and happiness for all Iraqis, and we hope that the period spent by the recently recovered Iraqi artifacts, which exceeded ninety years, has served the scientific and cognitive research in the great cultural heritage of our antiquities by specialists.

It stressed that the Iraqi government was and still is mobilizing all its capabilities to restore the pieces of the Iraqi civilization that were looted and taken out at different times, and "we will spare no effort to pursue any piece around the world, because it is part of the Iraqi people's heritage and cultural wealth, and its honorable civilizational product.

It expressed appreciation for the position of the British government and the British Museum on joint work in the cultural and archaeological fields, appreciating the positive role in helping to recover a large number of artifacts during the previous years./ End