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Tue, 03/08/2022 - 16:35
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Indonesia to encourage migration governance through G20

Jakarta, March 8 (ANTARA) - Executive Director of Migrant Care Wahyu Susilo is optimistic that Indonesia's presidency in the 2022 G20 would drive the commitment of G20 member countries to ensure a safe, secure, and dignified global migration governance. "Indonesia's presidency in the 2022 G20 must be able to encourage the commitment of G20 member countries to ensure the establishment of safe, secure, and dignified global migration governance," Susilo stated during the virtual C20 agenda on Tuesday. This is in accordance with point seven of the 10th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that is targeted to facilitate organized, safe, organized, and responsible migration and human mobility, including the implementation of a well-planned and well-managed migration policy. Speaking at the event titled "From Indonesia, Contribute for Vulnerable World Citizens," Susilo highlighted the need for safe migration management due to the increase in remittances and cases experienced by migrant workers, including from Indonesia. The increase in remittances has not been accompanied by better security and equality for migrant workers, with discrimination against them still persisting, he noted. Susilo refers to the Human Development Report in 2009 which stated that the mobility of migrant workers affects the quality of the Human Development Index (HDI) either in the origin country or destination country. "If migration management is good, then it has a good impact on HDI both in the destination country and in the origin country. On the other hand, if the management is bad, it will also have negative implications," he explained. In particular, he highlighted the costs of sending remittances by migrant workers that can be a burden for poor and developing countries. For instance, Ethiopian workers in Saudi Arabia have remittance fees amounting to 30 percent, or a third of what they send, Susilo noted. To this end, he expressed hope that the discussion on remittances would be conducted not only at the G20 Sherpa Track meeting but also in the Financial Track.