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Sat, 02/26/2022 - 04:06
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Indonesia to push G20 members to agree on data governance principles

Jakarta, February 26 (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government will encourage the G20 members to adopt four principles of cross-border data flow governance that are lawful, transparent, fair, and reciprocal at the G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) forum. "We have to manage the data flow well, thus we can optimize its benefit," Chair of the Indonesia’s 2022 G20 DEWG Mira Tayyiba remarked in a webinar entitled ‘Knowing More About the Issue of Cross-Country Data Flow’ on Friday. Almost every activity performed in the digital sector generates data. For instance, when creating a social media account, the user must enter personal data. Thus, more activities in cyberspace will generate more data. Tayyiba, who is also the Secretary General of the of Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kominfo), has emphasized that it is important to ensure that data is managed safely and not misused. Hence, she has expected that G20 members agree on the principles. The members of the international forum are home to 65 percent of the global population.They also contribute to 80 percent of global gross domestic products and 75 percent of global trade. Thus, if the principles can be adopted by G20 members, the attempt will shape the global data flow ecosystem. Data usage on digital platforms is projected to increase from year to year. A survey, entitled 'A Minute on The Internet in 2021' conducted by German company Statista, shows that in one minute 197.6 million emails were sent; 500 hours of YouTube videos were uploaded; 695,000 stories were shared on Instagram; and 69 million messages were sent via WhatsApp and Messenger. The Communication and Informatics Ministry has noted that according to United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s 2021 Digital Economy Report, global data usage surged from 230 exabytes per month in 2020 to 780 exabytes per month in 2026. Thus, it shows that cross-country data flow is important to be discussed in the international forum to guarantee mutual agreement to protect individuals, governments, and industrial data.