Indonesia to show sustainable industry commitment at G20 TIIWG

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Jakarta, March 26 (ANTARA) - Indonesia will seek to demonstrate its sustainable industry commitment during the First Trade, Industry, and Investment Working Group (TIIWG) Meeting of the G20, Industry Ministry's resilience, regional, and international industrial access (KPAII) director general has said.

"We wish to show the world that we have adopted and implemented sustainability standards that have become our commitment," Eko S.A. Cahyanto remarked during a virtual press conference broadcast on YouTube on Friday (25/3).

Sustainability is one of the issues that will be discussed during the upcoming G20 TIIWG meeting in Solo, Central Java.

The industry is one of the sectors that consume the most energy. Hence, it is important for the industry to become more efficient in energy usage, he explained.

Indonesia has the Green Industry Standard that serves as a national industry reference point in implementing green industry.

“The Green Industry Standard had been mandated by Law No. 3 of 2014 on Industry and we have many green industry standard regulations that have been implemented, though they are still voluntary in nature," he informed.

Through the Green Industry Award bestowed by the ministry, the green industry aspect in Green Industry Standard has gradually improved, Cahyanto said.

This is because, in the end, its implementation is part of the sustainable standard concept that has become a commitment.

"This has become important to improve the industry's competitiveness," he noted.

"It also makes the industry more efficient so that it has higher competitiveness. Of course, the sustainability aspect became preserved," he added.

On the global stage, Indonesia has made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that should be monitored together.

To support the industry sector's sustainability, the ministry has also introduced the fourth generation industrial area with a very strong green industry aspect, which includes Industry 4.0.

According to Cahyanto, technological intervention within infrastructure through the smart infrastructure concept can transform the fourth generation industrial area into a digital hub.

"We have facilitated the development of an industrial area in North Kalimantan that will become the biggest green industrial area in the world by utilizing energy that came from Kayan River in the province," he informed.