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Mon, 11/24/2014 - 13:39
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Jordac’s book, most complete work after Al-Ghadir: researcher

Tehran, Nov 24, IRNA – Iranian religious researcher Mohammad-Reza Hakimi believes that George Jordac’s ‘Ali: The voice of Human Justice’ is the most complete book on Imam Ali (A.S) followed by Allamah Amini's ‘Al-Ghadir’. The statement was made in a message read in a commemoration ceremony held in honor of George Jordac, on Sunday, by the head of the cultural complex of Islamic Revolution’s Martyrs Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad-Reza Zaeri. “The great Christian writer, at the end of penning his book’s 5th volume, had compiled the opinions of Christian and Muslim scholars as well as words by late Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari”, Hakimi said. “The title of the book reveals that the idea of the book holds an awake conscience and the work speaks of beauty at its peak, in terms of usage of eloquent words,” he added. Elsewhere Hojat-ol-Islam Zaeri said that late George Jordac repeatedly said that he did not do anything special for Imam Ali and that what he had written was like a drop in the ocean. Mir-Masoud Hosseinian, deputy director general for North Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “George Jordac had read Nahj al-Balagha (Peak of Eloquence) over 20 times through which he learned that Imam Ali (A.S.) was very innocent. It was then that he wrote his own book on the Imam. Many other figures had asked him to write books on other personalities which were refused by him since he believed that no one else was so worthy.” The ceremony was also attended by Lebanese Iranologist Victor El Kik who said that Imam Ali’s most significant issue which is also included in Jordac’s book is justice; I believe it is the greatest symbol of Islam. He also read one of his poems which was composed on Imam Ali in Arabic. At the end of the ceremony Jordac’s book was unveiled. Renowned Christian Lebanese poet, author and thinker George Jordak passed away at the age of 83 in November. Jordak was one of the few writers of Lebanon to have emerged globally in contemporary time as a great and highly esteemed figure./end