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Sun, 06/23/2019 - 05:59
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Livi Zheng Makes Video On Jakarta Anniversary

Jakarta, June 23 (Antara) - ​​​​​​A young Indonesian movie director who has entered the Hollywood film industry, Livi Zheng, has made a video about Jakarta, entitled Vibrant Jakarta, to commemorate the anniversary of Indonesia’s capital city. "I am very happy to enliven Jakarta's anniversary this year by making 'Vibrant Jakarta', a video which I directed," Livi Zheng said here on Saturday. She explained that Vibrant Jakarta is an international tourism video featuring various corners of Jakarta, from high-rise buildings, new infrastructures, as well as focusing on the city’s cultural diversity, culinary and hospitality, to its citizens. "The Vibrant Jakarta video shooting process took three weeks. We took pictures in many locations, including Jakarta International Velodrome, Banteng Field Park, National Monument, Indonesia Hotel Roundabout, the Old City, and other unique places that have links with the history and progress of Jakarta," Livi noted. Vibrant Jakarta describes the excitement of Jakarta, with its rich, modern and metropolitan cultural sides, but still exudes warmth, hospitality and mutual respect. Livi was chosen to direct the video on Jakarta because she is experienced in making big-screen films, documentaries and commercial videos. Jakarta Vibrant can be watched on YouTube channel at link Her most recent film work, "Bali: Beats of Paradise", has been screened in cinemas abroad, including in the United States in November-December, 2018, and in South Korea in April, 2019. The film was nominated for an Oscar. Bali: Beats of Paradise, which combines traditional music of gamelan with funk music from Grammy Award winner Judith Hill, will soon be played in cinemas in Indonesia starting August 22, 2019.