Russia, Africa Can Have Common Agenda in OPEC, Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Moscow Says

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia and Africa can have a common agenda in OPEC and within the framework of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, including on domestic consumption and reformatting the hydrocarbon market, the Russian Foreign Ministry's ambassador-at-large and head of the Russia-Africa partnership forum, Oleg Ozerov, said on Tuesday.

"African countries account for almost half of the seats in the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and in the OPEC. Russia and Africa can have a common agenda in these organizations — supporting domestic consumption, reformatting in the interests of countries and consumers the current hydrocarbon market and its pricing mechanisms," Ozerov said at an international inter-party forum called "Crucial Issues of International Security in the Conditions of Geopolitical Instability", held by the United Russia party and dedicated to current international security issues.

The ambassador added that Russian authorities were taking steps to build full-scale and mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and the African countries in various promising industries, such as energy, gas and aircraft.

The conference, titled Crucial Issues of International Security in Conditions of Geopolitical Instability, brought together a wide range of African representatives.

In August, Russian First Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin and African Energy Chamber Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk exchanged views on the development of joint projects in Africa to increase energy deliveries to local markets. The sides discussed the investment potential and current projects on energy production on the African continent, cooperation between Russia and African countries within OPEC+ and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, as well as approaches to the global energy and climate agenda with a focus on universal access to energy sources.

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