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Tue, 08/11/2020 - 21:57
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Trump had four-year time for successful diplomacy with Iran: Gov’t spox

Tehran, Aug 11, IRNA - Government spokesman Ali Rabiee said Trump had four years time for a successful diplomacy with Iran exploring legal ways for the purpose, but, he opted for the worst pathways compared to those the US experienced over the past several decades. Speaking to IRNA, Rabiee reacted to Donald Trump's statement that if he reelected as US president, he would reach an agreement with Iran soon, saying Trump had four years to initiate successful diplomacy with Iran exploring a correct, agreed and legal pathway. Even if Trump is reelected, he will not be successful in reaching an agreement with Iran as long as he embraces maximum pressure on Iran. We are well-prepared to continue maximum resistance as long as the US continues the hostile policy of maximum pressure against Iran. If Trump is serious in compensating his mistakes, Iran will welcome it, but it seems that his statement is nothing except for a ploy to gain votes, he noted. In response to alleged interference of Iran, Russia, and China in US presidential elections, Rabiee said the baseless allegations on Iran intervention in US presidential elections is aimed at taking advantage of Iran-phobia for the election campaign. He reiterated that Iran is not interested in interfering in US domestic politics and will not give concession to any of the US parties. Elaborating on the consequences of presenting anti-Iran resolution by the US in UNSC with regard to extending arms embargo on Iran, he said the US has pulled out of Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and will have no right in relation of the agreement text and the UNSCRs unless the country returns to the deal and comply with all its commitments. The US regime is fully aware of the fact that this destructive, violations, and the hostile attempt will turn out to be another disastrous and isolating failure, Rabiee said. The US insistence on the continuation of the wrong way which had earlier been defeated will have no meaning but renegade against the Law, he noted. In fact, the international community is determined to enforce Law and agreements among countries as a high and impassable barrier against the US act to disturb international stability and security. It seems that the misled politicians in the United States tend to insist on their inability to understand international realities to the extent that they invalidate the US leadership. He termed the US act as misusing the UNSC mechanism for threatening it and humiliating multilateralism. Rabiee said Iran has proved that it will not overlook giving proportionate and firm response to any provocative and illegal act. Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian official referred to recent accidents in Lebanon, saying Iran urges all countries to prevent any interference in Lebanon's fate. He assured that the Lebanese nation will be able to pass this difficult time if it preserves unity and relies on its domestic resources. Iran will continue rendering humanitarian aid in close contact with the Lebanese government.