House Speaker Post to Be Finalized by July 3

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Thu, 06/22/2023 - 12:07

House Speaker Post to Be Finalized by July 3

BANGKOK, June 22 (TNA) –  The Move Forward Party (MFP) and the Pheu Thai Party are in the process to negotiate the House Speaker role and the conclusion on the matter will be reached by July 3, said Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew.

The parliament is expected to convene on July 3 and the House Speaker will be chosen.

Both parties are discussing which party will take the post of House Speaker, head of the legislative branch. MFP came first, winning 151 seats in the May 14 election in both constituency and party-list systems, followed by Phey Thai with 141 seats.

Amid concerns that the rift over the House Speaker post could escalate, Dr. Cholnan said Pheu Thai gives importance on the issue and is careful to prevent it from happening.

The party discussed it internally and the party’s executives gave their opinions to the negotiation team to set the direction for talks. The team will ask opinion of the party members and MPs on the final principle for negotiation with the MFP.

The party seminar yesterday discussed the issue and the majority but not all 141 MPs elect agreed that Pheu Thai should take the House Speaker role.

Despite differing opinions, he affirmed that Pheu Thai would have the resolution before holding talks with the MFP. (TNA)