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Sun, 05/28/2023 - 12:48
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Iran export to Central Asia, Caucasus, Russia ups by 18% in year to March

Tehran, IRNA – Iran's exports to Central Asian states, the Caucasus, and Russia increased by 18% in the previous Iranian calendar year 1401 (ending on March 20) compared to the previous year, announced a senior official at Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO).

Referring to Iran's exports, the director of the department of Central Asia, Russia, and Caucasus at TPO, Rahmatollah Khormali, said that Iran's exports to Central Asian states, Caucasus, and Russia in the previous Iranian calendar year 1401 reached $3.2bn that shows an 18% increase compared to the previous year.

He added that Iran's exports to these countries in the Iranian calendar year 1400 had also increased by 40%.

From among the countries in the mentioned region, Russia was the biggest importer of Iranian goods with $745 mln, which shows a 30% increase.

He added that the Republic of Azerbaijan with $650 mln, Armenia with $465 mln, Turkmenistan with $460 mln, and Uzbekistan with $290 mln are in the next ranks.