MFP, Pheu Thai to Negotiate on House Speaker Post Tomorrow

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Thu, 06/29/2023 - 12:53

MFP, Pheu Thai to Negotiate on House Speaker Post Tomorrow

BANGKOK, June 29 (TNA) – The coalition –leading Move Forward Party and the Pheu Thai Party will hold talks on the House speaker role on Friday.

The venue of the renewed talks has not been disclosed. If the issue cannot be resolved in the meeting, the new House speaker post will be selected in a free vote.

The MFW party earlier postponed the meeting with Pheu Thai after the latter insisted the party demanded the House speaker role.

MFP leader and prime minister candidate Pita Limjaroenrat will visit Phitsanulok tomorrow.

If the two main party in forming a coalition can settle who will get the House Speaker post tomorrow, they will continue to join activities planned during this weekend.

On Saturday, Pita and Pheu Thai Family Chief and prime ministerial candidate Paetongtarn Shinawatra will travel together in a convoy to thank voters in the northern province of Khon Kaen to reaffirm their stance to form a coalition government.

The eight party coalition alliance will meet again on July 2 before the Parliament convenes on July 3.

However, if both parties cannot settle the issue, all activities will be cancelled and the House Speaker post will be decided by a free vote.

Meanwhile, Pornpith Phetcharoen, Secretary-General of the House of Representatives said the House’s secretariat has not invited MPs to the first meeting earlier planned on July 4 as MFP and Pheu Thai has not settled the disagreement on the House speakership.

The office will wait for the results of the eight-coalition meeting on July 2 before it will decide when the House of Representatives will meet to select the new House speaker.

According to the timeframe under the regulations, the first meeting must be held within 10 days after a royal decree convening parliament or by July 12.  (TNA)