Ministry Of Education Discusses With UNICEF Joint Cooperation

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Baghdad / NINA /- The Administrative Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Falah Mahmoud Al-Qaisi, discussed with a UNICEF delegation headed by Tia Wallendkham, Director of the Education Department a number of topics related to the educational process, and ways of joint cooperation in it.


Al-Qaisi stressed, according to a statement by the Ministry, the importance of joint coordination between the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, evaluating the programs that have been accomplished during the past year, and reviewing the plans and programs prepared for the current year, foremost of which is school-based management, and programs supported by the European Union, such as the “educational information management system and training teachers and develop their abilities and other programs.


For its part, the UNICEF delegation appreciated the efforts made by the Ministry of Education to stabilize education in light of the challenges and obstacles it faces, pointing to UNICEF's aspiration to create more cooperation and strengthen partnership in the educational field. / End