Pita Leads His Party MPs to Report to Parliament

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Tue, 06/27/2023 - 09:35

Pita Leads His Party MPs to Report to Parliament

BANGKOK, June 27 (TNA) – Move Forward Party (MFP) leader and prime ministerial candidate Pita Limjaroenrat on Tuesday led the party’s 149 MPs, travelling by bus to report themselves to the House's secretariat.

All of them wore white T-shirts bearing the Thai message meaning “We are MPs Elected by the People.”

As the parliament is scheduled to convene in July 3, Pita said he was not concerned over the senators, saying they would not vote for him to be the next prime minister as he believed that the voting would be carried out in line with the norm in 2019 and the Senate would not vote against the prime minister candidate, gaining more than 250 votes from the lower house.

To become the 30th prime minister, he needs 376 votes or more than half of the joint sitting of both houses.

Under the constitution, the 250-member unelected Senate joins the 500-member lower house in selecting the prime minister. (TNA)