PM Sponsors The Signing Of The Partnership Contract Between The Iraqi Football Association And The Spanish (La Liga)

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Baghdad / NINA /- The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, sponsored today, Sunday two partnership contracts between the Iraqi Football Association and the Spanish League (La Liga), to establish the Iraqi Professional League for the 2023/2024 season.


The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement, " the President of the Football Association, Adnan Darjal signed the contract representing Iraqi side, while the President of the Spanish League (La Liga), Javier Tebas signed for the Spanish side.


Al-Sudani praised the Iraqi Football Association's move, which aims to advance the reality of Iraqi football, praising La Liga's stance and solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack that targeted a number of sports fans in a cafe in Balad district in Salah al-Din seven years ago.


The Prime Minister stressed the need to adopt professional work in all aspects of Iraqi sports, not just football, pointing to the government's keenness to develop Iraqi sports in all its institutions, and to adapt the laws in force in order to correct its paths, in a way that enhances Iraq's presence in foreign sports forums.


For his part, Tebas expressed his appreciation for the cooperation with the Iraqi Football Association, stressing the efforts made for the success of the project, which he described as greater than just football, towards broader cooperation to revitalize sports in Iraq.


The statement added, "The head of the Iraqi Football Association, Adnan Darjal, confirmed that the contract signed with (La Liga) includes two main parts, the first is developing Iraqi football talents, and the other is sponsoring the Iraqi Professional League."


He pointed out, "The first contract concluded between the Iraqi Football Association and (La Liga) pertains to managing and supervising the implementation of the Iraqi Professional League, appointing a Spanish executive director to manage the project, as well as preparing an Iraqi work team, which the Professional League will train to manage the committees working to organize a league competition.


In light of the first contract, the League undertakes all procedures related to marketing the league competition, through coordination between the executive management of the Iraqi Professional League and the headquarters of the Spanish League in Madrid.

He stressed, "As for the other contract, it is (The 2030 Dream Project), and it includes the La Liga developing Iraqi sports talents in the field of football. The Association also undertakes training and development courses for workers in all talent centers, including coaches, administrators, and others to support the national teams./ End