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Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:25
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Japan Willing to Join Efforts to Regulate AI-Equipped Weapons

Tokyo, March 14 (Jiji Press)--Japan is willing to join efforts to draw up international rules on the development of artificial intelligence-equipped lethal autonomous weapons systems, or LAWS, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Thursday. "We'll proactively and constructively participate in the international rule-making efforts, while paying attention to Japan's national security and upholding our country's position," the top government spokesman told a press conference. Suga said the Japanese government believes any weapon requires substantial human monitoring. The country has no plans to develop completely autonomous weapons free of human intervention, he said. The Japanese government plans to express its position on LAWS regulations at an intergovernmental panel of experts under the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons set to meet from March 25. END